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Testimonial GARLOCK

November 12, 2013                                                                           

CMC Cevenini USA LLC

7381 Washington Blvd.

Elkridge, MD,    21075


Subject: E450P-L Log Slitter - Start-up and support



Francesca, Mr. Cevenini,


We are very pleased with this project.  We are successfully filling production orders and developing our standard set-up’s for all our products.    


In the beginning, we requested variations to the standard machine.  These requests were addressed quickly and thoroughly.  The video of “our” machine slitting “our” material was exceptional.


Offering us the selection of the machine color was also an excellent detail to consider.


Packaging and crating was also excellent.  Our millwrights had little problem unloading and setting the machine in place.  Please thank the people in shipping for the solid packaging!


Marco Galbusera is an exceptional teacher and professional..  He addressed our questions on start-up with understanding and patience.  Marco did a great job.  We appreciate it!


Mike Gardiner graciously accepted my many, many inquiries about delivery and logistics for the machine.  His patience is also appreciated.


I am certain I left out key people of your organization that make this all happen.  Please share my appreciation with all of them.


Best Regards,





Rick Boroski

Manufacturing Engineer