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Testimonial NFK

NEW MACHINE SOLD IN AUSTRALIA …..After start-up & training we received this nice comment from Hayden (Director) of NFK:

Hello Francesca,
I just wanted to send you a short email to say thanks for sending Adam, and also to let you know that we're very satisfied with the time spent training with him. I believe the cost was well justified, and we got a lot out of the two days. 

His knowledge of the machine, how it was put together, how to run it, and how to set it up to cut different products, was very good across all points. 

Most importantly his steady and patient method of delivering all topics of the training is very good, as he allowed plenty of time for "question asking" from us, and always offered sensible answers. 

Since he left, we have cut a number of products and all with confidence and success ! 

I am sure that the machine will serve us well for many years. 

Thank you all again for your help.