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Caratteristiche Tecniche:

Machine designed to cut logs of Polyethylene, coated & non-coated plastic films, protective tape, silicone paper and similar.

Fully automatic working cycle with the exception of the loading and unloading of the material. These operations are performed with an in-line loading trolley.

A scissor lift allows the log to be raised to the same height as the shaft on the machine (log weight: max. Kg. 500).

Working width: 1800mm. (70”) (Other upon request).

Max. outside log Ø: 500mm. (20”) on Ø 76mm. (3”) mandrel.

Max. outside saw-blade Ø: 600mm. (23,6")

Rotating mandrel Ø76mm. (3”) with fully expansion for toothed blade cutting system.

Indexing tolerance: +/- 0,1mm. (0,003”).

Interchangeable mandrels from Ø 3" to 6".

Cutting width: to max. width with decimal increasing.

Cutting system: with single rotating toothed blade (saw-blade) on one mandrel.

Mandrel tailstock support automatically operated.

Saw cutting head driven unit.

Machine controlled by a “PLC SIEMENS ” and interface operator “TP 700” with touch screen technology.

This model can be customized to meet customer’s needs thanks to a wide range of others options available.



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