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About Cevenini

1939, the first step: pioneers in a specialist field.
In 1939 Oreste Cevenini, together with his daughters Carmen and Angela founded the company building a variety of machinery such as balancing machines, grinding machines, meat slicers and shapers. A few years later in 1944, with the energetic cooperation of Oreste's son, Giacomo, the Company started the manufacture of machine tools and industrial slicing machines. Further on in the fifties, the Company started to export its products to the North American market in conjunction with the Leach Machinery Company. During the 1960's, the Company became actively engaged with the major and most qualifed mechanical engineering companies achieving a long sequel of design and manufacturing successes. 
Cevenini, more than just the traditional slitting system.
When Giacomo's son, Carlo, joined the Company in 1973, he concentrated on the design and manufacture of Log Slitters and Rewinding Machines and the result was the promotion and sales of these equipment on a worldwide scale. Today, CMC Cevenini is an higly specialised manufacturer of equipment for the converting industry, one of the leading Company in this field. 
The log slitters tradition continues
Today, after many years of dedicated experience,the log slitters tradition continues: Cevenini's unique technical "know-how" enables the Company to meet everyday market requirements.