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Machinery Range

Today, the slitting art continues:
we not only manufacture machines, we supply solutions as well. 

The ever increasing investment in research, design and technology developments always carried out from the company is the testimony of the great interest given to client requirements since the beginning of the Cevenini story in the worldwide industry. The firm attention given to quality together with the considerable production flexibility results in product reliability. This is Cevenini strong point wich satisfies the requirements of small as well as large users of Automatic Log Slitters and Rewinding Machines. 


> Machinery Range
> Second hand
> Consumable

Plane Blade - E

Cutting system: single rotating blade on one mandrel with full range of option to tailor each machine

> E305
> E450
> E450 L DX
> E650

Saw Blade - F

if you need to cut with a saw blade. Cutting system: single rotating toothed blade on one mandrel

> E450 F+S
> E450F
> TNF 5
> TNF 7

Multi Mandrel

Double shaft and non-stop turret cycle, performance and flexibility

> E2-100M
> E22
> E2-205B
> E2-350B
> E4-205B
> E4-250B
> E4-300B
> E4-400B
> E4-400M
> E4-460B

Log Winders

To process from jumbo roll to finished log rolls ready to be cut with log slitter.

> R2009
> RA 14

Fully Automatic Converting Line

allowing processing from jumbo roll to finished slit rolls to get the highest productivity. 

> Fully Automatic Converting Line