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Quality Policy

The company Quality Policy is set forth in a document establishing the principles and guidelines which form the basis to define the quality objectives that CMC Cevenini intends to achieve, assess and express in order to ensure the continuous improvement of its company processes.

Within this scope, this policy is therefore considered essential to ensure the pursuit of requirements and expectations of all the stakeholders, including the company owners, personnel, contractors, customers, suppliers and any other business contacts of the company.

In order to attain the thorough dissemination of the policy, both within and outside the company, the document is posted to the notice board in the appropriate company areas and published on the company web site for free reference.

The company’s current scope of activities lies in a specialty market – the converting business – which is affected by the global economy trend. It is widely recognized as a benchmark company in the relevant market sector, both by customers and competitors alike, owing to its product innovation abilities and the excellent after-sale service. In order to maintain its leading position, the company wishes to adopt a management system which may provide its product/service performance improvement and also achieve enhanced customer satisfaction.

In order to adequately raise up to the challenge imposed by the setting and competitors, CMC Cevenini’s key objective is being recognized as a leading company in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge, innovative and reliable top-quality log lathe slitters for the converting industry. Within this scope, the Quality Management System adopted by the company takes the lead from the reference requirements set by UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Furthermore, CMC Cevenini intends to strengthen and improve its position in the global market, while adequately supporting and developing company growth, continuously based on the key success factors recognized by its customers so far.

Full customer satisfaction is a top priority for CMC Cevenini, achieved by providing a wide product range meeting all customer specification requirements and fully complying with the applicable regulations and standards, up to date with technological development, ensuring design excellence and flexibility, a swift quotation and business relation process, compliance with delivery deadlines and accurate after-sale service.

Improving the aforesaid concepts can only be achieved by constantly monitoring and controlling company processes and organization structure. For ideal quality improvement and cost-effectiveness CMC Cevenini is continuously engaged in researching non-compliance and inefficiency causes and developing continuous performance improvement activities.

All of the above entails the full involvement of all the company personnel who must share in the results achieved through their effective contribution and support. As a consequence, CMC Cevenini top management is fully committed to providing all the necessary resources required to promote the input of each and every member of company personnel to the achievement of total quality in machinery manufacturing, by sharing and approving all the efforts towards improvement.

CMC Cevenini is formally committed to fully comply with the applicable legislation on Environment and Safety at Work, minimizing waste and impacts resulting from its activity and seeking to implement appropriate Health and Safety protection measures in the workplace of its employees.

The Quality Policy is regularly reviewed and updated with a view to continuous improvement, fine-tuning its quality strategies over time.

This Quality Policy is applied by identifying specific consistent objectives, periodically updated during reviews of the Quality Management System by the Top Management.

Carlo Cevenini