Automatic Log Slitter

Multi Mandrel

> E4-460B
> E4-205B
> E4-250B
> E4-300B
> E4-400B
> E2-205B
> E4-400M
> E2-100M
> E2-350B
> E22
Technical features:

Fully automatic nonstop working cycle, including the overturning of the turret with manual log loading and unloading of slit rolls.

Max. working width:1700mm. (67”).

Max. outside Ø of log: 205mm (8,1”) on Ø 76mm (3”) mandrels with Ø250mm (9,8”) blades.

Max. weight of material loadable on unsupported mandrel: 80 kg (176.5 lbs); with supported mandrel , 200 kg (441 lbs).

N. 4 Interchangeable mandrels from Ø 51mm (2”) to Ø 76mm (3”).

Indexing tolerance: +/- 0,1mm (0,003”).

Cutting width: from 2 mm (0,008”). with decimal increasing.

Cutting system: two over imposed circular blades to slit two logs simultaneously on two mandrels, while the other two are available for loading/unloading operation.

Turret rotation combined with automatic expansion of the mandrels provides continuous operation and allows faster loading and unloading of material.

N. 4 Pneumechanical chucks with claws to grip the core from the outside.

Driven blade unit.

Automatic blade pivoting angle.

Automatic detection of log diameter on the upper log.

Machine controlled by “PLC SIEMENS” and interface operator “TP700” colour touch screen technology

This model can be customized to meet customer's needs thanks to a wide range of options available.


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