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Service & Assistance

Cevenini engineering.

Our engineering staff, made up of skilled specialists in the lathe slitting and log rewind machinery field, are always able to work in the planning stages with the wide flexibility offered by Cevenini technology. Every customer's specific requirements will receive a prompt answer and a cost effective solution will always be found.


Our technical staff always welcome customer in our plant to demonstrate our equipment available on the floor.

Customer Care Service.

Not just a service, it's a friendly voice ready to respond to all your requests and offer You advise when you need it.

Preventive Maintenance Service.

To maintain machine operation always at its best with higher durability and less breakdowns.

Staff Training.

We can train your staff that operate the machine at your location and at the end of the training we will provide to the trained operator a "Personal Training Certificate".

Spare Parts.

All types of spares even for out-dated machines. Benefits of both in-house manufacturing and spares department to give you "exact" parts in the shortest time possible.